You can post messages to using a Jabber client on your computer, mobile phone, or other platform. (GTalk, Google's Jabber program, will also work.) This can be a convenient way to keep up with your friends on

If you don't already have a Jabber account, you can use GTalk or one of the other public Jabber services. You'll probably also need an IM client like Pidgin.

Managing your IM settings

Use the IM settings page to set your IM preferences. You can add or change your Jabber address and set the flags for Jabber update.

When you add or change your address, you'll receive a message from update@INVALID SERVER asking you to confirm the change. (You may need to add update@INVALID SERVER to your buddy list before changing your IM settings; this is definitely true for GTalk.)

Sending updates

You send updates by sending messages to update@INVALID SERVER. Messages should be less than 140 characters; longer messages will be truncated.


You can do some minor management of your account through Jabber. These are the currently-implemented commands:

  • on: Turn on notifications. You'll receive copies of messages by people you subscribe to.
  • off: Turn off notifications. You'll no longer receive Jabber notifications.
  • stop: Same as 'off'
  • quit: Same as 'off'
  • help: Show this help. List available Jabber/XMPP commands
  • follow <nickname>: Subscribe to <nickname>
  • sub <nickname>: Same as follow
  • leave <nickname>: Unsubscribe from <nickname>
  • unsub <nickname>: Same as leave
  • d <nickname> <text>: Send direct message to <nickname> with message body <text>
  • get <nickname>: Get last notice from <nickname>
  • last <nickname>: Same as 'get'
  • whois <nickname>: Get Profile info on <nickname>
  • fav <nickname>: Add user's last notice as a favorite